How to dress for a wedding this summer

A wedding is always an occasion for which you can really go to town when choosing an outfit. For many, such an opportunity to dress up does not come along on a regular basis and it will be important to dress to look fabulous on the day. Here are some tips for outfit choices if you are attending a wedding this summer.

Things not to do

It can be a minefield when choosing your look. Avoiding white is probably a sensible idea, as nobody wants to upstage the beautiful bride on her special day! Although stilettos can look effective, you will be on your feet for a lot of the day and you will want to be comfortable; therefore, it may be best to avoid these too. It can be more complicated during the summer, as you want to dress in a sweat-free outfit and will also want to get the balance right between formal occasion wear and playful sunshine outfits. You will need to consider whether the outfit choice looks more like barbecue or wedding wear.


The dress

The fashion trends for this summer are bright and floral, with beautiful pinks and yellows being popular colour choices with inspiration being drawn from the 2019 spring/summer catwalks.

Colour is important and will need to be a shade that helps to enhance your natural colouring; furthermore, every colour choice conveys its own meaning. Silky maxi dresses are the perfect style to show off a chic summer look, as can be seen in the ranges from retailers such as

Regarding hemlines, everybody will have their own preference. Longer dresses will be popular this year, but shorter dresses with special features such as ruffles or feature sleeves will be a stunning alternative.

The shoes

The venue will play a big part in deciding upon your choice of shoes. It is expected that strappy sandals, mules and kitten heels will be the most popular options this summer; however, block heels are a good practical choice and will enable you to be on the dance floor all evening!

The hat

This year, the material is extremely important. Avoid felt, which is too heavy; instead, choose sinamay, straw or even crepe. Keep your hat simple if you are going for strong patterns in your outfit.