Learn the Best Environment-Friendly Fundraising Ideas

Reusable bags are so versatile helping in the fundraising as much as possible. Many people love the concept of fundraising for a variety of causes. If sustainable things are sold to raise funds, then it leads to a cleaner and greener environment. Try the concept of reusable bags for matching with the vision and perception of your organization.

Custom Earth Promos helps in making promotional tote bags according to the likes and designs of the customers. Everything is customized and you can use your logo for highlighting it among the audience. The bags are sturdy and durable serving a greater purpose to the customers. Some of the eco-friendly ways of fundraising are listed as under:

Selling of the products

  • Reusable shopping bags

One of the best ways of doing an environment-friendly fundraiser is by selling reusable shopping bags. Encouraging customers to reuse shopping bags is an amazing way of raising money and saving the environment. Some other custom bags are custom laminated tote bags, custom non-woven tote bags, etc.

Your organization can make a statement by selling custom made of eco-friendly materials like ripstop nylon, cotton twill, hemp, etc. This is one of the easiest ways of raising money.

  • Organic seeds

During the springtime, organic herbs and vegetables are the best things to sell. Brochures from the companies selling organic products have their heirloom seed packs with bundles of various seeds. These are window ledge options for people to grow vegetables and herbs in their kitchen windows.

  • Energy-saving products

The energy-saving products have made such a significant change in the markets. Companies are selling these products like fluorescent tube lights or power strips for saving energy.

Combining reusable bags with another fundraiser

  • Using goodies bags

In many of the fundraising events, participants are normally expected to be given a bag of freebies for taking home after the event. Use reusable bags for giving goodies to the invitees.

  • Giving rummage sell

Another way is to ask for clothes like charity and giving one bag at $5. Provide reusable grocery bags for sale. Also, you can give pricing to the clothing and make use of reusable shopping bags for bagging up of shopper’s purchases.

  • Using reusable bags for distributing information

When using reusable bags for donation or charity, make sure that you provide all the donors with essential additional pieces of information. Present the information in a reusable bag for protecting the environment.

Filling the bags and selling them

  • Selling bag of books

For adding a twist, add for the donation of books and then separate the books as per their genre. Put 5 to 6 books in a bag and seal the bag for $5.

  • Creating spring gardening kit

If you are doing fundraising for a garden, giving gardening kit is the right match. Use a reusable tote putting 10 to 12 seed packets inside it, a cultivator, a small trowel, and also a pair of gardening gloves.


Think about the cause of raising money and you can sell the reusable bags as per the choices. The fund will help your organization in raising awareness of the program.