A Guide To Bedding for Babies

When you’re putting down a budget for your newborn, you’ll realize that clothing and bedding take a lion’s share of it. You’d like your baby to look great at all times and well covered when the days get cold. Apart from dressing them to kill, you’d want them to have an uninterrupted sleep, and that’s why their bedding needs attention.

From getting the best baby quilts to finding a quality crib mattress, quite a lot needs to be done to ensure your baby sleeps well. It can be a little daunting to put the little bedding necessities together, but with the guide below, you should get through without much struggle.

  1. A Crib And A Mattress

These two should be the first items on your baby shopping list. A portable crib, in this case, is the best. At least, your baby doesn’t have to sleep in the same place all the time. You can sometimes take it to the living room if you’d like to watch over your baby while asleep. Add a crib mattress to it and you’re good to go. However, make sure the crib mattress is firm to avoid risks of suffocation. Also, don’t forget to a mattress protector to keep the diaper leaks from reaching the mattress.

  1. Stock Up Enough Crib Sheets

If you have a newborn, then you know you’ve got to do a lot of changing in the day. From diaper changing to removing and washing sheets stained with poop. For this reason, it’s important to have many crib sheets. At least four crib sheets that fit well on the mattress are good for a start but you should be thinking of getting more with time. Make sure the sheets you get are made of natural fibre as the baby’s skin is very sensitive.

  1. Blankets

Babies sleep comfortably when wrapped well in the blankets, especially when it’s cold in the night. However, we don’t use the same blankets all through. For newborns, swaddling would be ideal. You can do this using heavy baby blankets made of natural fibre or using light blankets depending the season. Once your baby has learnt to roll over on their own, you can just cover them with the blankets without swaddling them. You may even get them a sleeping bag to ensure they remain covered throughout the night.

  1. Sleeping Wear

Apart from covering your baby in blankets, you need to dress them warm when they’re going to bed. As you shop for baby clothes, make sure you pick a few warm clothing pieces for your little one. We’ve got a lot of variety. For instance, you can get them warm pairs of cotton socks, a fluffy romper, and a long-sleeved warm sleeping suit. Dressing your baby warm protects them from cold in case they uncover themselves at night.

If you’re expecting a baby, make sure you keep their bedding for better sleep.